About Codename:Heroes

Codename Heroes is a persistent, multiplayer, crowd-sourced pervasive game that uses Bluetooth, GPS and the phone camera. The game targets teenagers with a specific focus on young women. The purpose of the game is to engage and empower players. The design is informed by ethnographic studies of young women as well as by gender studies.

The goal is to create an incitament for young people to appropriate spaces they do not normally move in, and try things they would not normally do.

Codename: Heroes has been developed by the Mobile Life Excellence Centre at Stockholm University and the Interactive Institute. It is part of a project investigating pervasive games, games that are played in the physical world with the aid of mobile technology.

In the autumn, test-adventures were staged in collaboration with the Ung’08 festival, the game organization Ubika, the larp organizers behind Understockholm, and Stockholm Municipality Library. Now we are preparing a larger game test for the summer.

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