How to play

Codename Heroes is a pervasive game, which means that it is played in the ordinary world and intermixed with your daily life. You can play Codename Heroes at any time and any place, while working or going to school. Codename Heroes also offers adventures. These take place over a limited time period and Are often staged at a specific place.

You can play Codename Heroes for free, but certain in-game functions cost (such as creating magic artifacts). Adventures require advance signup and will typically cost.

Ubika: the "secret" Android app

Ubika is the most important tool in Codename Heroes. It is an app available for most Android phones with a large screen. Ubika implements a secret messaging system that heroes use to communicate with each other. The masters do not know about Ubika and cannot spy on messages transferred using it – but they suspect it exists…

When playing Codename Heroes, you use Ubika both to communicate with other heroes, and to help pass messages along. You earn magic power by carrying messages, power that you can use to create magic artifacts and perform magic rituals.

Magic artifacts: using powers

In Codename Heroes all powers are tied to artifacts that only heroes can make. You can use powers if they lend you the right artefact, and they can send magic power to you, that you can bind to artefacts you create yourself. You use Ubika to create, place, and use artifacts. Eventually, you might get your own powers, that you can use to create objects for yourself and your friends.

Everyday play

There is always something to do in Codename Heroes: there are messages to deliver and small quests you can carry out on your own. Every message you deliver help build your pool of power, which you will find useful in adventures.


Adventures are time-limited events that require separate sign up. They can be locally organized or avaliable to all players. Adventures are played in teams. The cost for participating in an adventure varies depending on how advanced it is.

Playing as Sage

It will soon be possible to play Codename Heroes as a sage. Sages are players that help new players and organize adventures. Active sages get to participate in adventures at reduced cost, sometimes for free, and some adventures will be restricted to sages.

Playing as a "Master"

Currently, it is not possible to play Codename Heroes as a “master”. All players belong to the secret organization of heroes.